Questions and answers!

I just rented and have no land rights?
- You're invited into a default role allowing you to rez, eject and ban on your land. If you're looking to acquire full land rights, please IM one of our staff members by visiting this SLURL [Coming soon] IM Scaler Rexen
Does the land have to stay in your rental group?
- Yes. The land is mainland which is different than a private estate. You gain access to your parcel through the rental group.
Can you please add my friends or family to the group?
- We've set up an automated system to where you can add your friends or family at any time with the rental box.
Click the rental box > Select Tenant > Add Tenant > insert username.
I'm having trouble deeding an object to my land
- You must make sure you are wearing your group tag and the object rezzed is set to the Rekson Rentals group

Incorrect incorrect deed Correct correct deed
My rental box says I have more prims than the parcel will support
- With mainland prims can be pulled from other parcels. Another parcel has have been rented with less prims and those were added onto a different peice. You 100% have the amount of prims available stated on the rental box.
What permissions do I get when I rent land?
Admin Control
Parcel Control

** Please note once rented you'll be invited into a default role which will be updated within 24 hours (usually sooner) allowing you all of these controls **